Simple steps to treat Burns at Home

  1. Apply honey or ink to reduce the burning sensation if your hand gets burnt.
  2. If you mash a banana, and apply it on the burn, it will have a cooling effect, and blisters too won’t appear.
  3. For burns, apply a solution of sugar and water in the absence of any other remedy within reach.
  4. Soda bicarb made into a very thin paste and applied once on the burns will bring relief.
  5. Apply a little coconut oil on the burn every half an hour and leave it open. The burn will heal soon enough.
  6. If you apply egg white on the burns, blisters will not form.
  7. Rub ice cubes on the affected area, then apply a solution of milk and honey to prevent blister formation.
  8. Mix an egg white with equal quantity of glycerine. Soak a strip of linen in it and keep this on the affected part.
  9. If you have scalded your hand, apply soap lather on it till you get relief.
  10. Apply toothpaste on the burnt area. This prevents blister formation.
  11. Plenty of cold water can sharply cut down the degree of burns.
  12. For minor burns and scalds, cold tea provides instant relief.
  13. Keep a slice of potato on the burn.
  14. Fresh juice of fenugreek leaves mixed with lemon juice can be applied over burns.
  15. Mix together four teaspoons each of coconut oil and lemon juice. With a spoon churn it till it becomes white. Apply on the affected part.
  16. Make a paste of curry leaves and apply on the burn.
  17. Rub a thin layer of honey on the burnt area and cover with a dressing. Repeat after every three hours till you get relief.
  18. Immediately apply glycerine on the affected area.
  19. Make an infusion with neem bark in four cups of water. Shake the bottle well. Apply the froth on the scar formed by burns every day till it fades.
  20. Rub the bark of peepal tree with water on a sandstone. Mix the paste with gingelly oil and apply on the burn.
  21. Extract juice from a banana stem and mix it with an equal quantity of ghee. Apply on the burn.
  22. Dry tamarind leaves in a pan over fire. Powder and mix with gingelly oil and apply over the burnt area.

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