Home Remedies for Dental Problems & Bad Breath


Simple Home Remedy for Dental Problems

  1. Use commercial clove oil for toothache.
  2. In case of toothache, suck one or two cloves.
  3. Brushing teeth with a piece of apple will keep toothaches at bay.
  4. Burn a turmeric stick and powder it. Use this powder with salt for cleaning the teeth for healthy teeth and gums.
  5. A pinch of salt applied to the aching tooth will bring temporary relief.
  6. Raw onions eaten daily is good for maintaining strong and healthy teeth.
  7. Lemon or orange rind powder makes an ideal tooth powder.
  8. If your teeth have turned sour, try chewing tender mango leaves.
  9. Lemon juice makes an excellent teeth cleaner.
  10. Dabbing vanilla essence on the aching tooth gives immediate relief.
  11. Mix a little asafoetida powder with a little salt and a small piece of raw ginger. Keep it on the crevice where the ache
  12. Grind basil leaves with a little pepper. Apply this on the affected tooth or cavity.
  13. Pyorrhoea (inflammation of the gums) can be cured by eating oranges daily, and rubbing the gums with the peels.
  14. Mix alum with a little honey to a paste and rub on the weak or bleeding gums.
  15. Apply a little sandalwood oil on the affected tooth to get relief from pain.
  16. Make an infusion with neem leaves and use it for rinsing your mouth. Gives instant relief from toothache.
  17. Apply clove oil mixed with pepper powder on the affected part.
  18. Apply nutmeg oil on the affected tooth.
  19. Use powdered shells of almonds as toothpowder.
  20. Boil eight betel leaves in a litre of water. Wash the mouth frequently with this water to cure swelling and pain in
    the gums.
  21. Chewing coconut pieces with a little jaggery strengthens gums and prevents tooth decay.
  22. Rub burnt ginger mixed with salt over the teeth to cure dental sensitiveness caused by eating sour fruits.
  23. The fresh leaves of mint, chewed daily, is an effective antiseptic dentifice.

Simple Home Remedy for Bad Breath

  1. Take caraway seed oil orally for overcoming bad breath.
  2. Chew fennel seeds frequently.
  3. Chew and swallow basil leaves to keep your mouth free of bad breath.
  4. Use an infusion of cinnamon to rinse your mouth.
  5. A few seeds of cardamom chewed for a brief while will clear your mouth of bad breath.
  6. Wrap a small piece of cinnamon in a betel leaf and chew
  7. Soak a teaspoon of fenugreek in a cup of water for an hour. Make tea, using the water and seeds. Drinking this keeps away bad breath.
  8. Use dried mint leaves that are powdered as toothpowder.
  9. Mix together two tablespoons of grated ginger with one and a half tablespoon of powdered jaggery. Chew this slowly till your mouth feels fresh.
  10. Chew parsley leaves, which are sure to keep your breath fresh.
  11. Gargle your mouth with water in which salt and soda bicarb have been added.
  12. To cure bad breath boil a few fenugreek leaves in water, and gargle with this water.
  13. Gargle your mouth with a mixture of lemon juice and rose water.
  14. Chew on a teaspoon of aniseeds and four or five mint leaves.
  15. Brush your teeth with a mixture of pepper powder and common salt.

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